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Colorful Collard Wraps (VO, GF)

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Want a crazy colorful, nutrient-dense, and low-carb way to sub out your tortilla for lunch?

One of my favorite naturally gluten-free alternatives to a tortilla is using collard leaves instead. I know it may sound crazy, but using collards in place of your sandwich bread is not only healthier, but it also allows you to truly TASTE the flavors of your meal. This super simple method is a go-to, and I guarantee you'll be returning to it often after you try your first (insanely delicious) collard wrap!


- 1-2 large collard leaves (ribs removed)

- Protein fillings of choice: Tuna salad, roasted chicken, hummus, hemp seeds, etc.

- 1/4-1/2 avocado, sliced

- Handful of sprouts or micro greens

- Sliced veggies of choice: (carrots, radishes, bell peppers, onions, roasted sweet potatoes, etc.)

- Optional: brown rice or quinoa


Wash collards and lay them down on cutting board. Use a sharp knife to shave off the excess stem/rib of each leaf. (It is optional, but I like to then steam my collard leaves for about 20 seconds to take some of the bitterness out and to more easily wrap my fillings! They are also easier to digest this way).

After your leaves are ready, arrange your protein and veggies in the center of them. Fold over the top and bottom of the leaves, and then roll up like a burrito.

These are incredibly versatile, and i've even used them in place of burger buns in the Summer. The sky is the limit!


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