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Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  What is a Health Coach?

As a Health Coach, I serve as a supportive mentor and wellness authority to help you feel your best through individualized food and lifestyle modifications that meet your personal needs and health goals. I keep clients motivated and hold them accountable in their efforts to improve gut health and balance hormones (which tie closely with one another). I stay up to date in the latest health, nutrition, and exercise research and am expertly trained in habit-building and the strategies needed to promote optimal well-being. I merge the science with a holistic approach to health and cultivate a supportive, inclusive, approachable, one-on-one relationship with my clients.  

2.) Are all Health Coaching sessions held in person?

I hold health coaching sessions in person, over the phone, and virtually depending on your location, schedule and preference. I am also available to work with different time zones.

3.) What does a typical Health Coaching session look like?


Each session, we will discuss any challenges you're facing, what's working and what's not, as well as your long-term and short-term goals, then we'll come up with an action plan specific to you. I will work with you to develop a personalized roadmap that addresses your goals, and together we will come up with the steps to achieving them. I will do the work and research on my end (including weekly check-ins between sessions, providing helpful material/information, healthy recipes, etc.) and you will work on the 1-3 "bite-sized" habits we set together each session. We will also set long-term goals ("big picture" goals), and work towards reaching those over the course of the program.

4.) What is included in the program?

I offer several program options depending on your needs, which I will send you after our initial consultation. In each program offering, we'll have a 1-hour intake session, and then bi-weekly 1-on-1 sessions that last 45 minutes each. Aside from our 1-on-1 sessions, you will receive:

  • Email access and ongoing support

  • Weekly check-ins between sessions

  • Healthy and delicious recipes that cater to your personal needs/preferences

  • Reading material & related podcast recommendations

  • A menstrual cycle tracking handout and paper chart if needed

5.) How will I benefit from working with a Women's Hormonal Health Coach?

As a Women’s Hormonal Health Coach, I can help you…


  • Regulate and restore your menstrual cycle by cycle tracking

  • Balance your hormones to help you conceive naturally

  • Optimize diet, lifestyle, and behavior changes to help you prepare for fertility treatment (such as egg retrieval, IVF and IUI)

  • Optimize diet, lifestyle, and behavior changes during pregnancy and postpartum to help you feel your best

  • Practice fertility awareness to understand your unique body's rhythms and achieve your goals

  • Navigate common hormonal imbalances and conditions like PCOS, PMS, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, amenorrhea, etc.

  • Recover and heal from post-pill amenorrhea and other pill-related hormonal imbalances

  • Restore gut health and overcome digestive issues that coincide with hormonal imbalances

  • Say goodbye to PMS, painful or heavy periods, delayed or missing ovulation, low libido, acne, mood changes, and more

  • Live in harmony with your cycle to help you reduce stress, maintain a healthy weight, improve energy, and feel your best as you approach perimenopause and menopause

Let's get started!

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