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I grew up in Richmond, VA where I currently live now, and spent several years in college and post college in beautiful Charleston, SC and Jackson Hole, WY.  I play music in an acoustic-folk duo with my husband Colin, and I also love to paint.  These creative passions have played a significant role in my life since I was little, and are what I consider my “Primary Foods”— The foods that feed my soul.  But as it turns out, my other true love is and has always been food in general.  This love for food, travel, marrying into a family in the restaurant industry, several personal health-related situations, and an inherent need to learn more and find my place in this crazy world of wellness have all played a role in me landing here, typing these words, and pursuing a career in helping others do the same.



I’ve struggled with digestive issues for as long as I can remember—all of which were time and time again dismissed as IBS.  After trying different doctors, diets, medicines, and restricting certain foods, I was finally introduced to a Functional Medicine practitioner who properly diagnosed me with Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Finally, I had some answers!  But, then again, I also had a “Leaky Gut”… 


I followed a holistic, yet science-driven protocol that met my own body’s needs and in three months I was able to heal my gut naturally with the right foods and supplements, despite hearing it would potentially take a year.  Not only had my gut healed, but my brain fog had dissipated, I had more energy, my hair even grew in thicker, and my digestive issues cleared up almost entirely.  With this new baseline for my health in mind, I’ve since then taken a deeper dive into how gut health impacts a number of things (mood, digestion, immune system, etc.)… all of which improved tremendously after I healed.

Health is not an end goal, but an ongoing journey.  What I’ve learned most over the last few years while improving my physical and mental health, is that we have much more control over our lives than we think.  What we feed our bodies, our minds, and our souls plays a huge role in the health and wellbeing of our every day lives, as well as our futures.  While our genes are one piece of the puzzle, they are not our destiny, and we can control the factors that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle that will in turn promote a happy and healthy future as we age.  Everybody is unique with different situations and needs, but everyone has the ability to heal themselves when given the opportunity and space to do so.  I’m here to give you that space, and to help you advocate for your own health, guide you to achieving your nutrition and lifestyle goals, and help you unlock your natural ability to live your best life.

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