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Lupini Beans: A Gut-healthy "Superfood"?

Move over chickpeas… Here come Lupini Beans.

Lupini Beans: A common snack in the Mediterranean (hi Mediterranean diet), these little legumes are a gut-healthy, keto-friendly, fiber-loaded, protein-packed, gluten-free, plant-based… and (dare I say)… complete “Superfood”. With a nutritional profile that might just knock other popular legumes off their thrones, let’s break down their benefits:

1.) Sustainable- Used as a rotation crop (when farmers plant different crops on the same land thought the year to help increase soil fertility and offset erosion.

2.) Protein-rich- Amazing source of plant-based protein (double the amount of chickpeas!)

3.) Gut-Healthy- Full of prebiotic fiber with little starch or sugar; may increase short chain fatty acids in the gut while also increasing good gut bacteria levels

4.) Keto-friendly legume- Have you ever heard of such a thing? It's true. Lupini beans are considered keto-friendly due to their high fiber content which offsets their total net carbs.

I just ordered a variety pack from BRAMI, and now consider myself officially hooked. I think we’ll be hearing more about these little guys this year!

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