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Acupuncture for hormone balance and enhanced fertility

I’ve been going to Dr. Keith Bell for acupuncture for the past 4 years, and after helping me navigate IVF and bring my first baby into this world, he’s become a close friend and mentor of mine. And now has been helping support me with Baby #2 :).

When I first started the IVF process, I didn’t have experience with acupuncture but I’d always been intrigued. Our first egg retrieval resulted in 1 healthy embryo, but we knew we needed more to ensure a healthy pregnancy would come from our efforts, so we opted to go for a second retrieval. I took a few months in between and started seeing Keith for acupuncture. After working with him for several months leading up to my second retrieval, I was blown away to find that not only had my egg count improved tremendously, my egg quality and mental health did too. 

If you’re struggling with infertility or hormonal imbalances, I can’t express enough how powerful acupuncture can be—especially with Dr. Bell. But I want to caveat by saying that the work you put in between sessions is equally as important. I shifted some important lifestyle factors and began nourishing my body in a healthier way, while backing off some of the cortisol-inducing workouts I had been accustomed to in order to bring my nervous system into a more balanced state. I practiced more yoga and intuitive movement, went on daily walks, prioritized sleep, ate a full balanced breakfast, and gradually things began to hormonally shift in the right direction.

I’m excited to share I’ll be teaming up with Keith to offer hormone health coaching to coincide with his treatment and give patients the well-rounded quality care they deserve. The hope is that we can provide an “all hands on deck” approach to patients who want help making changes within their unique routines and lifestyles.

Learn more here about Keith Bell and how acupuncture can help you balance your hormones and optimize your fertility.

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