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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is “Mental Health Awareness” month, and I think we could all probably use a little mental health check in right about now. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anticipating what the future holds, or maybe even a bit depressed, you’re not alone and your feelings are completely valid. But spending more time alone and at home also gives us an amazing opportunity to take care of ourselves while acknowledging those feelings. Anxiety is something I’ve personally struggled with on and off for years, and though it has its ups and downs, I’ve learned a lot about myself and discovered some helpful ways to manage it, let it be, and then let it pass… which fortunately it always does. Read on for some go-to ways we can check in and take care of our mental health.

10 ways to take care of mental health at home:

1.) Get still, and meditate- Give yourself 10 minutes each day to just be. You'll notice a difference, I promise-- My favorite free apps: Insight Timer, Calm

2.) Get outside, and spend some time in nature- I’ve realized this is something that I need every day. I love starting my day with getting outdoors even if just for a few minutes, and I can honestly feel a difference when I do. Whether it's a full day of hiking, or just sitting out on the porch for 10 minutes, being in nature truly brings a sense of calm and wellbeing.

3.) Do some yoga- "Yoga with Adrienne" is one of my faves. She makes it accessible to beginners while also challenging more experienced yogis... There's something for everyone. And, it's free!

4.) Try relaxing breathwork - Here are 3 techniques you can do in under 5 minutes.

5.) Read for fun- Reese's bookclub and Oprah's bookclub are both great for getting the latest and greatest book recommendations, or digging into some classics.

6.) Get cooking- Now is the time to experiment with new recipes you've wanted to try, and to hone in on those cooking skills!

7.) Watch a funny TV show

8.) Call/Zoom a friend or family member

9.) Talk things out with a professional- Many health insurances are waving behavioral health copays during this time, and you can find a counselor in your area right here:

10.) Take a bath :)

Breathe deep, you deserve it. <3

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